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U.S. M-Commerce Transactions Surpass $1 Billion on Black Friday

Mobile online sales in the U.S. totaled more than $1 billion in a single day for the first time ever on Friday. While e-commerce merchants are still tallying the official results for Cyber Monday, on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, online retailers racked up more than $5 billion in sales, according to software giant Adobe, a result that was in line with its pre-holiday predictions. Online sales on Black Friday alone totaled $3.34 billion, up nearly 22 percent from last year, with m-commerce accounting for $1.2 billion, a 33 percent increase from 2015. And conversion, normally a big problem for e- and m-commerce retailers, was an unexpected bright spot, the report said

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US ecommerce sales reach 15.6% in Q3 2016

US ecommerce reached USD 93.67 billion in Q3 2016, a 15.6% increase compared with the same time in 2015, according to the US Commerce Department.

This is slightly behind the Q2’s 15.9% year-over-year growth, which was the largest increase posted in nearly two years, reports.

Factoring out the sale of products not usually conducted online, ecommerce accounted for 11.3% of retail sales during the period.

Total retail sales excluding foodservice (or sales in restaurants or bars) reached USD 1.22 trillion during the three months ended Sept. 30, a 2.3% increase. During Q2 2016 total retail sales grew 2.1% year over year.

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Ecommerce grows over physical commerce in US

The gap between ecommerce and physical commerce has shrinked in 2016, as retailers seek to leverage better fulfillment options, local advertising tools, offline attribution and omnichannel tools.

This conclusion is provided by a new eMarketer report, US Holiday Ecommerce Preview 2016: Mobile to Fuel Explosive Ecommerce Growth.

Mobile is bridging the divide between physical and digital commerce, a trend that should accelerate in 2016 holiday season. Some 45% of shopping trips include some mobile shopping, according to a Facebook IQ study of US internet users conducted in September 2015.

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US ecommerce reaches USD 373 bln in 2016

US online retail is expected to hit USD 373 billion in 2016, a recent report reveals.

That figure will grow to more than USD 500 billion by 2020, according to Forrester Research, by Sucharita Mulpuru, reports.

US online retail sales topped USD 100 billion only in 2006 but, by 2020, Forrester expects online retail sales will exceed USD 500 billion. Amazon is estimated to gain USD 23 billion more in US ecommerce sales in 2015 than in 2014 (including its third-party marketplace). That accounts for 60% of the total growth in US online sales in 2015.

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US ecommerce reaches USD 86 bln in Q1 2016

Online sales grew 15.1% in Q1 2016 (USD 86.3 billion) and accounted for 11.1% of retail sales when factoring out items not normally bought online.

In 2015, ecommerce accounted for more than 10% of retail sales, without the sales of automobiles, fuel and foodservice. Web sales totaled USD 86.3 billion for Q1 2016, a 15.1% increase over USD 75.0 billion in Q1 2015, according to US Department of Commerce, reports.

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Chinese Consumers Add to Record-Breaking U.S. Holiday Haul

Chinese e-commerce shoppers, whose online spending on China Singles Day dwarfs that of any other day in any other country, are contributing more to record Cyber Monday spending as well, according to Alipay, the payments unit of e-commerce giant Alibaba. The company said on Thursday that China-based consumers shopping U.S. brands online during the first two weeks of the holiday season rose 7 percent from last year.

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MasterCard: US retail sales up 4.6% in November; e-commerce +16%

  • Retail US sales (ex-auto and gas) rose 4.6% in November, according to data from MasterCard.
  • Black Friday sales were lower than a year ago, while sales for the full Thanksgiving week rose a modest 0.3%. The lower growth rate for the holiday period than the full month adds some support to the theory of some analysts that many typical Black Friday sales were pulled forward.
  • MasterCard reports online sales rose 13% for the four-day weekend period just in front of Cyber Monday. For the month, e-commerce sales were up 16%.

US consumers prefer bank-offered mobile wallets

More than half of US consumers (51%) are likely to use a bank offered mobile wallet, a recent report reveals.

The survey, “The Age of Mobile Wallets: What Banks Need to Know When Considering the Creation of a Bank Branded Mobile Wallet”, was conducted by management consulting company CCG Catalyst and was issued to a panel of 25 million US consumers, generating 2.000 completed surveys.

Respondents answered a series of questions divided in three key themes: habits, behavior and usage, measuring consumer attitudes towards mobile wallets versus non-bank mobile wallets.

According to CCG Catalyst, the top challenges for mobile wallet adoption are fear of identity theft and merchant acceptability.

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U.S. Consumers to Conduct 46% of Holiday Shopping Online

E-commerce retailers in the U.S. are gearing up for a busy holiday season, according to a new report. Not only will overall spending increase slightly this year compared to last year, but consumers figure to increase the percentage of online shopping they do through both traditional e-commerce and m-commerce, the National Retail Federation found in its annual Holiday Consumer Spending Survey. Average spending by U.S. consumers will rise this holiday season from $802 per person to nearly $806. And, shoppers expect to conduct 46.1 percent of their holiday shopping online, the survey found, up from 44.4 percent in 2014.

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MasterCard tests facial recognition technology in the Netherlands and US

MasterCard has revealed plans to start testing facial recognition technology for payment verification in the Netherlands and the US.

For the pilot in the Netherlands, the company has partnered International Card Services (ICS) B.V. and ABN AMRO and will allow 750 cardholders to pay online through fingerprint and facial recognition. Participants in the three-month trial can download the MasterCard app from the Apple Store or Google Play and register on the ICS website to get a code emailed to them for activating online payments. Then, during checkout in a web store, the consumer will receive a pop-up on their mobile phone, through which he can authorise the payment via finger scan or selfie recognition.

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Smartphones are seen more and more as payment tools by US consumers

68% of mobile payment users state that they are using the alternative payment methods more than in 2014, according to a recent research study.

In 2014, cash (93%), cheques (68%), cards (68%) remained the most used payments methods with select digital offerings close behind, according to the ‘How America Pays in 2015′ report issued by Blackhawk Network.prepaid and payments global company, reports.

Cash and cheques saw the greatest declines in use overall. 87% of consumers think merchant-specific gift cards are convenient to use, even higher than bank-connected debit cards (82%). Gift cards are now mainstream payment methods with almost half of consumers (48%) using them in 2014.

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Adoption of web and mobile banking is on the rise in US and UK

Over 60% cited web or mobile as their preferred method of banking, a recent survey unveils.

According to a research conducted by BioCatch, the most popular banking channels in both the US and the UK are web and mobile, overtaking telephone and branch banking. 36% of banking is performed online (web, while 29% of banking is performed on a mobile device.

Over 70% of women and over 60% of men primarily check balance, charges and transfers. In distant second place come transactions such as paying a bill or making a transfer. 37% of women in the US log-in to their online baking on a daily basis compared to 30% of men. In the UK, approximately 30% of both men and women log on daily. Read more

US proposes legal amendments to enable prosecution of overseas fraudsters

The US Justice Department has revealed plans to expand the current law regarding international carding rings.

The body mentioned it wants to prosecute those who commit fraud anywhere in the world that involves US payment card data.

According to a blog post from the Justice Department, it is too difficult for US law enforcement agencies to disrupt all parts of the carding ecosystem. That includes organized crime gangs, which often collect large amounts of payment card data, as well as those who buy the data to commit online fraud, create and sell fake cards or prepaid cards or employ low-level money mules to commit in-person fraud, using these fake cards at retailers or ATMs.

Therefore, the agency is proposing amendments to Title 18, the federal government’s criminal and penal code. The amendments are aimed at making sure that the middlemen – those who profit from the sale of stolen financial data of Americans – can be brought to justice even if they are operating outside of the US.

However, legal experts have stated that such a move may lead to comebacks from other countries.

85% of US bank account holders worry about online fraud

85 percent of US adults with banking accounts are concerned about online fraud, including phishing, malware, man-in-the-browser and brute force attacks, recent statistics point out. Read more

US: retail e-commerce sales up by 13% in Q1 2013


In Q1 2013, US retail e-commerce sales have jumped 13 percent, reaching USD 50.2 billion, a recent study indicates. Read more