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50 percent plus of EU citizens purchase online in 2015

In the European Union (EU), the proportion of individuals aged 16 to 74 having ordered goods or services for private use over the internet has continuously risen, from 30% in 2007 to 53% in 2015, a recent research study reveals.

This means that the EU has exceeded its Digital Agenda target of 50% by 2015. Among EU internet users who did not make any online purchase in 2015, 75% reported that theypreferred to shop in person and 27% were concerned about payment security and privacy. Most e-buyers in the EU seemed satisfied with their online purchases, according to a recent report issued by Eurostat, 70% said they did not encounter any problem when ordering online. The most popular items bought over internet were clothes and sports goods (ordered by 60% of e-buyers), followed by travel and holiday accommodation (52%) and household goods and toys (41%).

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