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Italy: ecommerce to see 20 percent growth in 2017

B2C ecommerce in Italy is expected to see growths of 20% in 2017, reaching EUR 23.4 billion, the largest increase since 2010, nearly doubling 2013’s total of EUR 12.6 billion.

This is the forecast made by Netcomm, an Italian E-Commerce Consortium. In spite of the drop in retail sales (-0.5%) shown by ISTAT in December 2016 and the stability they registered in 2016 (+0.1%), in 2017 the biggest boost in online purchases wasn’t just the GDP’s recovery (Bankitalia claims a +0.9% expected growth), but also Italian families’ greater inclinations for online shopping: buyers, frequency of purchases, and average receipts are all on the rise.

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Latin America saw small scale ecommerce in 2015

B2C ecommerce in Latin America, one of the smallest market in the world in terms of online sales, accounted for a tiny share of overall retail sales in 2015, according to a new report from

In the near future, B2C ecommerce sales in Latin America are predicted to maintain double-digit growth rates, bolstered by Internet access, financial services and online shopper penetration across the region. Amazon launched full operations in Mexico in 2015 and MercadoLibre is scoring high by number of website visitors in almost every major market of the region.

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Ecommerce Europe published France report 2016

The French B2C e-commerce experienced noticeable growth last year. The growth rate was declining over the last few years, from 19.4% in 2012 to 11.2% in 2014. However, in 2015, B2C e-commerce grew by 14.3%. This growth rate resulted in a B2C e-commerce turnover of €64.9bn in France last year. For 2016, the growth is expected to decline again, as a growth rate of 10.0% is forecasted.

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Northern European B2C e-commerce turnover grows over 13%

The Northern European B2C e-commerce sales growth rate was 13.5% in 2014, which represents an increase compared to the 10.9% of the preceding year. As a result, online sales in Northern Europe amounted to € 34.7bn; this leads to Northern Europe being the continent’s fourth-largest B2C e-commerce region. For 2015, the growth rate is expected to decline a bit, as a growth of 12.8% is forecasted. This still means the Northern turnover will increase to almost € 40bn.

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Southern European B2C e-commerce grew by double digits again

B2C e-commerce sales grew by double digits again in Southern Europe. In 2014, this growth amounted to 15.4%, resulting in a total B2C e-commerce turnover of € 47.3bn. In comparison, in the preceding year, Southern European online sales grew by 19.2% and for 2015 an increase of 13.5% is expected. This means the turnover will grow to more than € 50bn in 2015.

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Global e-commerce turnover grew by 24.0% to reach $ 1,943bn in 2014

Global B2C e-commerce of goods and services continued to grow significantly last year. The actual growth rate amounted to 24.0% in 2014, which was in line with preceding years. As a result, B2C e-commerce sales reached $ 1,943bn. For 2015, the B2C e-commerce growth rate is expected to decline considerably, as the market is growing more and more mature. However, it will still grow by double digits (around 16%), resulting in a turnover of $ 2,251bn.

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European e-commerce turnover grew by 14.3% to reach € 423.8bn in 2014

The European B2C e-commerce sector had another successful year in 2014. Even though the growth rate of the e-commerce turnover decreased somewhat, it still achieved double digits. In total, European B2C e-commerce sales increased by more than 14%, reaching € 423.8bn. The 28 member states of the European Union together experienced a similar growth, resulting in a EU28 B2C e-commerce turnover of € 368.7bn.

These numbers stem from the new European B2C E-commerce Report 2015, which is the first one in our range of 2015 European reports. The European e-commerce figures are compiled with the help of various national e-commerce associations and in cooperation with GfK. In addition, the report is powered by GlobalCollect | Ingenico. Read more

Report: Cross-Border B2C E-Commerce to Hit $1 Trillion in 2020

Cross-border B2C e-commerce will surge to $1 trillion in 2020, according to a new report from Accenture and Alibaba Group’s research unit, AliResearch. The global market for cross-border e-commerce, which sat at $230 billion in 2014, will grow at a compound annual rate of more than 27 percent over the next five years, and, the report said, most of that growth will be driven by China. Read more