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В Латвии количество платежей по картам – рекордное за 5 лет

В течение последних пяти лет объем сделок с использованием платежных карт в Латвии активно растет, свидетельствует обобщенная банком SEB информация.

В частности, в 2015 году количество платежей по картам достигло рекордного показателя за последние пять лет – по сравнению с 2014 годом рост составил 34%. В целом в 2015 году в установленных банком SEB терминалах было совершено сделок на сумму 1,24 млрд евро, что на 23% больше, чем в 2014 году.

Средняя сумма покупки по карте за пять лет продолжает уменьшаться, так как жители Латвии все чаще используют платежные карты для более мелких покупок, тем самым расширяя использование карт в целом, подчеркнули в банке.

Также растет популярность карточных расчетов онлайн – в прошлом году их количество увеличилось на 27%. При этом средняя сумма покупки по карте в интернете как минимум в четыре раза выше, чем средняя сумма покупки по карте в обычном магазине.

UK ecommerce registers 65 percent traffic on mobile channels

UK overall ecommerce registered a notable 65% traffic on mobile devices in January 2016, a recent research study reveals.

This is the highest figure for any country studied in a March 2016 SimilarWeb report, reports. By comparison, the US m-commerce traffic fell on second place, with 54% of total ecommerce traffic. In France, Brazil and Russia, m-commerce traffic makes up a significantly smaller amount of total ecommerce traffic, at 35%, 33% and 23%, respectively. India and Germany m-commerce traffic hovers around half of the ecommerce total.

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Report: Retailers Must Get Onboard with Omnichannel

“The conceptual battle between brick and mortar versus online is dead,” according to a new report, and traditional retailers must embrace the smartphone and the ways millennials want to shop before 2025, when the transformation will be complete and laggards will cease to exist. ABI Research said retailers must combine data with innovations around inventory, POS systems and online information to leverage an evident multiplier effect on functionality and ROI.

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European ecommerce slowdown caused by cross-border package shipment high prices

Although ecommerce is booming, only 12% of retail businesses export online to other countries because of the high prices incurred by cross-border parcel shipment.

And this happens when 37% of retailers now sell via the internet in their own country, according to recent research by B2C Europe analysing the shopping habits of online consumers in eight countries in the eurozone, reports. Read more

Debit cards continue to dominate French payments market

Debit cards are expected to dominate the payments market in terms of most preferred payment method in France by 2019 as consumers are getting increasingly attracted by the convenience of contactless payments and the greater use of debit cards for online transactions, a recent study reveals.

This growth in debit cards usage will be partially supported by consumer awareness of debt control and the continued migration of low-value cash payments to debit cards. Moreover, an increase in the use of contactless cards will also be one of the major drivers of this trend, according to a report issued by Timetric, a provider of online data, analysis and advisory services on key financial and industry sectors.

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Late payments on invoices reach 70 percent globally

Globally, more than 70% of invoices are paid late, according to new data from MarketInvoice, a UK-based company that lends to businesses based on their outstanding invoices.

MarketInvoice gathered the statistics by looking at 30,000 invoices from 1.000 companies across 80 countries.

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Romania’s B2B ecommerce to reach EUR 12 bln

Romanian B2B ecommerce is expected to hit EUR 12 billion, up by 20% compared to 2015, according to industry insights.

The IT&C, appliances, auto, fashion and home&deco sectors have the highest shares in the B2B ecommerce, according to latest statistics issued by the ecommerce platform Teamshare, reports.

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