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MasterCard to start using “selfie” as authentication method

MasterCard has begun experimenting with facial-scan technology as well as fingerprint identification in an attempt to eliminate digital fraud.

MasterCard will launch a pilot program with 500 participants over the next few months to develop the infrastructure to approve purchases without the need to enter a password.

MasterCard currently employs a SecureCode service that requires customers to enter a password upon checkout in an effort to protect against unauthorised credit card use when shopping online.

In order to use the upcoming function, customers will be required to download the MasterCard app on their phone, and, once an online purchase is at the checkout stage, the app will push through a request asking for authorisation before payment is submitted.

According to a CNNMoney report, authorisation will be done via one of two methods. The first is fingerprint recognition, requiring users to verify their identity by touching their device; the second method, facial recognition, will see users stare at their camera while their face is mapped. Reportedly, blinking while taking your payment selfie will prevent a thief from simply holding a photograph up to pretend they are you.

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